November 18, 2018
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Cunén Communities’ Council


Municipality of Cunén, Department of Quiché

Area of ​​work and rights defended

It is an organized process of defence of land and territory, natural resources and human rights.

Description of the problem

The Cunén Communities Council is made up of 22 members from 8 micro-regions, who were appointed by their communities. In October 2009 they organized, together with the communities, a community consultation on mining and hydroelectric exploitation activities, and in general regarding the implementation of mega-projects in their territories. During this consolation process about 19,000 people from 71 communities rejected these projects in their territories. PBI observed the development of this community consultation and began to accompany the Council in February 2010, due to the security situation for the people actively promoting the right to land, territory and natural assets in this region.

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