October 17, 2018
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The fight against impunity

Photo of an Inhumation in La Taña, Uspantán, Quiché (11.03.2009)
Inhumation in La Taña, Uspantán, Quiché (11.03.2009)

PBI has been associated with this area since 1983, when we began accompanying people who would form the Mutual Support Group (GAM). Currently we accompany groups that carry out exhumations of clandestine mass graves, in addition to human rights organizations that are being threatened and harassed for their work against impunity for past human rights violations. These groups include the Center for Human Rights Legal Action (CALDH) and the National Coordination of Guatemalan Widows (CONAVIGUA), among others. Given the ongoing threats, it is important for PBI to continue accompanying these groups and strengthening this area of work.

  1. Recuperation of the historic memory and the search for justice, reparation, and the dignifying of victims the Project will strengthen its accompaniment of this process through:

    • Actions already being carried out such as the accompaniment of exhumations of clandestine cemeteries and of organizations pushing for justice on behalf of victims of human rights violations during the internal armed conflict.

    • Distributing information through our publications.

    • Prioritizing this accompaniment in all our work areas. Exploring other possible options for accompaniment in this area.

  2. The struggle against the current forms of repression being suffered by Guatemalan human rights defenders PBI accompanies the struggle against different forms of current repression that have to do with the fight against clandestine structures and illegal security groups that still exist, in addition to work against other forms of repression faced by human rights defenders.

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